I am going to start making Lego Indiana Jones 3: The Final Adventures.If you have anything to say to me,kindly discuss it on the discussion page.


I will start to map out the designs of the different levels,starting with the first,The Lost Temple.

The Lost Temple:Level 1Edit

  • Cutscene:Indy looks at a map.He looks at the rest and points in a direction.He walks in that direction.

You are with Indy,Satipo(who has been redesigned-His pants are now dark gray and he has a darker skin tone-same as the new skin tone of the Thuggees in Lego Indy Two),Barranca(who is the same) and Japushi(one of the jungle guides-he has Santa's hat colored black,Satipo's redesigned head,Satipo's body and Black pants)You go through the jungle.You start out on the side of a cliff(not nessisarily a cliff-but you die when you go over the edge.)you use Satipo's shovel to dig up a statue head.You pick it up and put it on a green plate,which opens a trap door.You go into it and there is a lever down there.You pull it and a bucket falls from a tree.You destroy it and in it there are several pieces.You build a new statue you pick it up then put it on the edge of the cliff.It falls off and bounces back on the other side.It hooks on a tree.You use Indy's whip to topple over the tree.It makes a bridge you can cross.On the other side there is a Target.Use Barranca's gun to hit it and it will send down a bunch of pieces.You build them into a map.You use the map to go through the jungle.At one point ther is a large log blocking you.You use Japeshi's torch to burn it and head to the door of the temple.

  • Cutscene:Indy is walking along when he hears a crash.He looks behind him.

.Here you lose Barranca and Japeshi.Japesi runs from the bats and you have to kill Barranca,who wants to kill you.After that the cave door opens.You go inside and there and there are several giant scorpions waiting.Kill them.Then go to the river and destroy a nearby tree.Build the pieces into a raft and float across the river.You find on the other side a Large green plate.There is also a trap door.Go in it and there will be a lift. Next to it there will be a large carton.Pick it up then put it on the plate.Several skeletons will pop out and break.Build the pieces into a brige to take you across the never-ending chasm.You open a door and head in.

  • Cutscene:Indy and Satipo enter a room.They see the idol.Satipo jumps in joy and starts to head toward it,but Indy stops him.He points at the floor.

Now you use Satipo to dig up a couple of pieces.Build them and it turns into a whip point.Use Indy to hook onto the point.Then make sure Satipo presses a button that makes the whip point move to the other side.If you walk over arrows will hit you.

  • Cutscene:Indy gets to the other side and replaces the idol with a microfigure of a Hovitos tribesman.Traps sart to go off.

Get back on the whip point then make Satipo get off the button.You start to go back.When you get over there,go through a new door.Now you have to escape from the boulder.Run away from it,avoiding all obstacles.

  • Cutscene:Indy outruns the boulder but Satipo is run over by it.Indy makes it out of the temple,but Belloq is waiting for him.Jock comes up to Indy and they both run to the plane.Jock starts up the plane and they fly away.

Minikit:Hovitos Idol Mueseum Exibit

Power Parcel:Fast Fix

Major Trouble:Level 2Edit

  • Cutscene:Indy runs into Barnett College and throws the Idol at Marcus Brody.He catches it and jumps in joy.He then points Indy and Jock(who just came in)to a desk.Sitting at the desk are Colonel Musgrove and Major Eaton.Eaton points at a picture of Belloq.Indy grunts.Then Eaton points at a picture of the Ark of the Covenant.Indy laughs.He then walks to a chalkboard.He draws the staff of Ra,draws the Ark then draws a line between them.Indy points at the exit.He and Jock both run toward it.After a transition,We see Jock driving a plane and Indy snoozing beside him.He lands in a patch of snow,the impact forcing Jock and Indy out of the plane.

You are out in the snow.Use Jock to fix a generator that creates a bridge over a cliff. Walk to the other side and pick up a gun out of a box.Hit the target then a door will open.Go through.

  • Cutscene:Indy goes in while Jock goes back to the plane to fix it. Indy meets up with Marion who punches him.Then Toht comes in.He starts a fire then jumps on a ledge.

Toht has one heart.Use Marion to put out all the LEGO fires.Pieces to build a lever are there.Build it then pull it.It will activate an elevator.Go up and press a button.It will activate a trapdoor.Go through it and there is a lever.Pull it,and Toht falls into the fire below.

  • Cutscene:Toht has his butt burned and runs out.Indy and Marion run out as well.In the snow Marion gives Indy the Ra headpiece.

Minikit:Staff of Ra

Power Parcel:Score x2

Cairo CatastropheEdit

  • Cutscene:Indy and Marion are at Sallah's house and Sallah shows Indy a picture of Nazis digging.Then he shows him a picture of the map room then points in the distance.

Somehow you got to the Cairo marketplace.Use Marion to jump on a ledge then have her push off a crate.In the crate there are pieces to build a ladder to another ledge.Up there there is a door.Go through it.

  • Cutscene:Indy all of a sudden loses Marion and sees some gangsters.Claiming them responsible,he chases them,with a monkey in close pursuit.

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