This is for Fan Ideas Edit
List of Characters that will and Won`t be avidable For Coustom.
' Hat/Hair 
Indiana Jones
Marion (Cairo)
Willie Scott
Short Round
 Mola Ram`s Hat
 Elsa Hair
 Brody Hauir
 Joker (Tropical) Hat
 Harley Quinn Hat
 Santa Ht
 Mutt Hair
 Oxley Hair
 Spalko Hair
 Dovencko Hat (Green|Brown)
 Libarrian Hair
 Mac Hair
 Elsa Officer Hat
 Harleen Quinzeel Hair
 Luna Lovegood Hair

Head/Other Parts

All Characters
Santa Cluas Head
Tap Dancer Head
Internasional Being Head
Harley Quinn Head
Joker Head
Joker Body
Joker Pants

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