What exactly is an achievement? Microsoft defines an achievement as "A game-defined goal that is stored and displayed in your gamer profile. Achievements can be as simple, complex, or off-the-wall as a game wants."

Basically, achievements are exactly that; an achievement or accomplished goal within a game. You earn achievements by successfully completing specific objectives within a game. For all your hardwork, you receive an achievement which can then be shown to the world, proving that are a true gamer. Can you lose an achievement if you fail to meet the achievement's criteria again or simply start playing poorly? The long and short answer to that is no. Once you have earned an achievement, it is yours to keep.

Here is a list of current achievements for Lego Indiana Jones on the Xbox 360.

Main achievements in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Edit

Achievement name Description Gamer score
This... this is history... Collect all artifacts. 40 G
Your mail is on your desk. Post all parcels. 40 G
Fortune & glory kid. Complete the game to 100%. 100 G
You chose... wisely. Unlock all of the available characters. 30 G
You will become a true believer. Use a Thuggee Statue 20 times. 20 G
Bad dates! Give 20 bananas to monkeys. 20 G
What a cautious fellow I am. Destroy 50 objects with a bazooka or other explosive device. 20 G
You call this archaeology? Use a scholar character's academic ability 50 times. 20 G
The best digger in Cairo. Uncover 50 pieces of buried treasures using the excavation ability. 20 G
Trouble with her is the noise. Destroy 50 objects or characters using the scream and super scream ability. 20 G
Start the engines, Jock! Use a mechanic character's repair ability 50 times. 20 G
How we say goodbye in Germany. Access restricted enemy locations 50 times. 20 G
There is nothing to fear here. Complete the "The Lost Temple" level in Story Mode. 10 G
It’s important Marion, trust me. Complete the "Into the Mountains" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Belloq's staff is too long. Complete the "City of Danger" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Why did it have to be snakes? Complete the "The Well of Souls" level in Story Mode. 10 G
I’m making this up as I go along Complete the "Pursing the Ark" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Keep your eyes shut! Complete the "Opening the Ark" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Short Round, step on it! Complete the "Shanghai Showdown" level in Story Mode. 10 G
I had bugs for lunch! Complete the "Pankot Secrets" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Kali Ma will rule the world! Complete the "Kali's Temple" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Quit fooling around. Complete the "Free the Slaves" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Take the left tunnel! Complete the "Escape the Mines" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Prepare to meet Kali! Complete the "Battle on the Bridge" level in Story Mode. 10 G
X marks the spot! Complete the "The Hunt for Sir Richard" level in Story Mode. 10 G
DON'T call me Junior! (10) Complete the "Castle Rescue" level in Story Mode. 10 G
We’re not going in the boat? (10) Complete the "Motorcycle Escape" level in Story Mode 10 G
No ticket. (10) Complete the "Trouble in the Sky" level in Story Mode. 10 G
They’re well out of range dad. Complete the "Desert Ambush" level in Story Mode. 10 G
He chose... poorly. Complete the "Temple of the Grail" level in Story Mode. 10 G
I hate these guys. Destroy 200 bad guys. 20 G
It's not the years honey... Complete any level with out dying, without invincibility. 40 G
How dare you kiss me! Use your whip to kiss Marion, Willie and Elsa. 15 G
Oh it breaks the heart. smash 20 enemy on the head with bottles 15 G

Secret achievements in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresEdit

Acievement name Desription Gamer score
That belongs in a musuem! Complete the "Young Indy" level in Story Mode. 10 G
Nice try, lao Che! Destroy Lao Che with Indy. 20 G
Goodbye Dr. Jones. Destroy Indy with Lao Che. 20 G
I step on fortune cookie! Destroy 50 creepy-crawlies. 20 G
He no nuts. He's crazy!! Smash 250 LEGO objects. 20 G
Hey! You call him Dr. Jones! Create and name a custom build character. 20 G
That’s for blasphemy! Destroy Indy with Jones Snr. 20 G
Show a little backbone will ya? Destroy 100 snakes 20 G
Blow it up! Blow up 5 enemies with 1 explosion. 40 G
I can't believe what you did! Disarm 100 enemies with the whip. 20 G
Throw me the idol. Perform 150 whip grabs in the game. 20 G
We go for a ride. Perform 250 whip swings in the game. 20 G
Got lost in his own museum. Unlock the Secret Area in the museum. 30 G
Where Forrestal cashed in. Collect 1,000,000 studs in the Ancient City Level. 30 G
A source of unspeakable power! Build 250 LEGO objects. 20 G
You cheat very big! Unlock all extras. 30 G

Fan IdeasEdit

Eternal life... = Get 100% on game

Asps, very dangerous, you go first. = Complete Raiders

I'm a conceited ape? = Complete Doom

Where's Marcus? = Complete Crusade

Good thing were not graverobbers. = Complete Skull

Bad Dates... = Give 20 Bananas to a monkey

1138,1138! = Use the Military Access 50 Times

You will become a true believer. = Use the Thuggee Access 50 Times

You call this archeology? = Use the Scholar Access 50 Times

Return... = Use the Akator Access 50 Times

There were 3 brothers... = Use the BOTCS Access 50 Times

Jock start the engine! = Fix 20 mechanisms

The best digger in Egypt. = Dig 20 objects

The trouble with her is the noise. = Scream to break 20 objects

Can you hold this? = Hold 500 objects

The FBI was in your office! = Get all Parcels

Obtainer of rare antiquities. = Get all Artifacts

No thanks to you! = Use Marion to kill Indy

Dr. Jones, surly you don't think you can escape from this island! = Use Colonel Dietrich to kill Indy

Good-bye Dr. Jones. = Use Lao Che to kill Indy

I hate you! = Use Willie to kill Indy

You don't believe me? = Use Mola Ram to kill Indy

That's for blampsy. = Use Henry Jones Sr to kill Indy

And that's how we say goodbye in Germany. = Use Colonel Vogel to kill Indy

Da Svidanaya Dr. Jones. = Use Irina Spalko to kill Indy

So what are you, a triple agent! Use Mac to kill Indy 3 times.

You chose wisely. = Unlock all characters

You chose poorly. = Die 100 times

It's a leap of faith. = Jump 1,000 times

What are you looking at Daddy-O? = Make a character

Even I like the color. = Create a level

What a vivid imagination. = Create a story box

3,000 bucks. = Get True Adventurer on all levels

The Ark of the Covenant. = Unlock the Ark of the Covenant

You betrayed Shiva! = Unlock Kali Ma

A long time to wait. = Unlock the Grail Knight

What are they, spacemen? = Unlock the Intermensional Being

Now you are getting nasty. = Unlock all enemies

You call him Dr. Jones = Get all variants of Indiana Jones

Indy we have no time. = Beat your previous time record on all levels

He's no nuts, he's crazy. = Smash 500 objects

Cover your heart! = Perform the Heart Removal Attack with Mola Ram

Diamonds? = Get 4,000,000,000 [4 Billion] studs

I like Ike! = Unlock all Secret Characters

There's nothing to fear here! = Kill 500 enemies

Idiot, Idiot! = Destroy a car 10 times

You know how to fly don't you? = Destroy a plane 10 times

Dr. Jones, no more parachutes! = Fall 100 times

Shorty, get our stuff! = Get all Red, Blue and Green bricks

I thought you were dead. = Escape 500 traps

Are you hurt? = Complete a level and lose no hearts without invincibility.

The Thuggee will soon rule the world. = Unlock all Thuggee characters

Nazis' I hate these guys! = Unlock all Nazi characters

Blow it up! = Blow up 100 objects

This is where Forrestal cashed in. = Beat all Super Bonus Levels

Throw me the idol! = Use the whip swing 250 times

How dare you kiss me! = Use the whip to kiss Marion, Willie and Elsa

I step on Fortune Cookies! = Destroy 250 creepy crawlies.

There were rats dad. = Kill 250 rats.

A scorpion just stung me! = Kill 250 scorpions

I hate snakes! = Kill 250 snakes

There's nothing to fear here. = Complete Temple Escape

Why don't you tell me where the piece is right now! = Complete Major Trouble

Marion, Marion, Marion! = Complete Cairo Condrurum

Belloq's staff is too long. = Complete Tanis Teasers

Indy, the torch is burning out! = Complete Covenant Crypt

Hey, thin man! = Complete Flying-Wing Fight

I don't know, im making this up as I go. = Complete After the Ark

Don't you touch me. = Complete Bantu Brawl

Marion, keep your eyes shut! = Complete Terror at Tabernacle

I don't want to die! = Complete Shanghai Showdown

That wasn't so bad was it? = Complete Dignity Drop

They kill my people! = Complete Violent Village

What big birds. = Complete The Road to Pankot

Dr. Jones, your whip. = Complete Pankot Panic

Im all right kid. = Complete Thuggee Tangle

Lets get out of here, all of us. = Complete Shaft Secrets

To get out you must take the left tunnel! = Complete Minecart Mayhem

Prepare to meet Kali! = Complete Battle on the Bridge

Come on kid, no way out of this. = Complete Young Indy

Get him, he's getting away! = Complete Coronado Capers

Are you crazy go between them! = Complete Menace in Venice

Alarm! = Complete Hastle in the Castle

Were not getting on the boat? = Complete Motorbike Escape

All I have to do is squeeze. = Complete Book Burning Rally

No ticket! = Complete Fighter Plane Attack

I thought I lost you boy! = Complete Trouble on the Tank

The knight warned us! = Complete Holy Grail Heaven

Dr. Jones what is the point of this? = Complete Hangar Havoc

You did well. = Complete Hangar Escape

Hello, Hello! = Complete Doom Town

Get that greaser! = Complete Café Chaos

Somebody's going to get hurt. = Complete Motorbike Run

You got to get out of the library. = Complete Crain Train

Really, Poncho Villa? = Complete Peru Cell Perusal

Those darts are poison! = Complete Tomb Doom

Go get help. = Complete Russian Camp

Go on the duck! = Complete Jungle Jam

Don't do that again. = Complete Dovchenko Duel

Three times it drops. = Complete Rainforest Rumble

Oxley!= Complete Ugah Ugah

Run! = Complete Ugah Struggle

I want to know! = Complete Akator City

Somewhere your grandpa is laughing! = Complete Akator Ambush

Main achievements in Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Edit

Secret achievements in Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Edit

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