The Ashes of Nurhaci is the urn which contains the ashes of the Chinese Emperor Nurhaci. Lao Che wanted it and when he got it, Willie Scott caused him to spill it while he was examining it. In the conflict, Chen killed Wu Han with a bullet and Indy tossed a flaming kebab at him to avenge for the death of his old friend. The remains were further spilled over the cub after the table was overturned. Before fleeing though, Shanghai Hoodlum 1, Shanghai Hoodlum 2, Shanghai Hoodlum 3,and When opened fire on Willie and Indy.

In Lego Indiana JonesEdit

Indiana Jones had obtained the Ashes in exchange for the Peacock's Eye, which Lao Che had and met with him at Club Obi Wan.

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