MolaRam and guards

Battle on the Bridge is a level in the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures video game.

Indy, Short Round, and Willie's mine cart suddenly reached a dead end. They see the water and head toward the exit with Willie and Short Round jumping to the Left, and Indy to the Right. They make their way to a suspension bridge, where Mola Ram is waiting. Suddenly, Indy chopped off all four supports, and the bridge split in half. Some unlucky Thuggees plunged to their crocodiley death. Some lucky ones make it to the top. Suddenly, Captain Blumburtt, the British Commander, and British Soldiers opened fire and killed the remaining thuggees except for Mola Ram,who attempted to punch indy. Indy delivered a powerful blow to his head, sending the high priest to his death among the crocodiles.

This level comes after Escape the Mines and is the last level of Temple of Doom. This level comes before: The Hunt for Sir Richard.


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