Cutscene:Indy and mutt look at each other. Agents also were looking at each other. A agent slames his hand on the table with a gun. He points at a picture of oxley. Indy puts it down the agent looks and sees indy. He runs and the other agent follows. Indy gets up and picks out a picture. One agent stops and put his hand out. The other agent hits and gets knock-down.

Gameplay:Mutt and indy are your characters. Run to one of agents and hit them. A juicebox is near by run to it. Hit it with your whip. Music will come out everyone in the cafe will start to dance. Jump over to the chef.

Cutscene:The people are dance and hiting other people. The chef pulls out his knife. Indy beats hime up and grabs his knife.

Gameplay:Indy now has a knife. Jump to the door. The door is locked use to the knife to break it. Jump on mutt's motorcyle. Drive away from the cafe choas.

Cutscene:Indy is driving the motorcyle till it chases into a raceaway car. Indy is on the car's front. He is hurt for the car hiting him. Mutt is fixing his motorcyle (meaning he now has a wrench). Mutt drives his motorcyle along the car of robert. Mutt jumps up onto of the car and pulls indy up ontop of the car. robert ross jumps ontop of the car in a black suit.

Boss gameplay:Robert is a boss. Get close to him and punch out his first heart and second and third. His torso his not his weak attack spot anymore. Jump up and punch him knocking the boss out.

Cutscene:Robert falls on mutt's motorcyle and falls to the road in pain. Beating red in pain. Indy jumps near robert and pulls out a case. He pulls out a role of bandages and helps robert.

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