Chattar Lal (Thuggee)
Chatterlal thuggee90px
Now she will not talk.
Real Name Chattar Lal
Skill(s) Thuggee Access

Chattar Lal (Thuggee) is what Chattar Lal was called when he dressed up like a Thuggee. Lal was secretly in an organization with the Thuggee tribe. During the ceremonies, Lal wore long purple robes and beads witch hung from his neck, this is his Thuggee outfit. He fought Indiana Jones but was defeated and almost crushed by a rotating wheel but managed to survive.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresEdit

In the Temple Of Doom section of the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures video game, he is the boss in the level The Temple of Kali. After fighting Indiana Jones and Short Round alongside some Thuggees, he made the big mistake of standing on a heating vent which was activated by Indy and Shorty, and was incinerated.

After completing the level, he can be bought for 40,000 studs in the library of Barnett College.

Boss FightEdit

Chattar Lal is fought at the end of The Temple of Kali. First, after defeating some Thuggees, Lal will appear with 6 hearts or lives. Lal will start the fight by throwing punches at Indy. Punch him back and take out 2 of his hearts. After he's been hurt enough, he'll jump to a heating vent (an orange panel) and he will jump to the other vent if Indy gets close to him so it's impossible to hurt him with melee attacks. In order to hurt him, Indy must defeat a white Thuggee Acolyte and pick up its black turban in order to trick the two statue of Kalis that he's a Thuggee so that they will send out flames from the heating vents hurting Chattar Lal. To do this place the turban on your head and go over to one of the Kali statues, communicate with it and activate the heating vents that Lal is on to burst with lava. After being burned, he'll jump over to the other vent but he is damaged the exact same way. Lal will be burned and jump back to you so just punch him 2 more times and get him down to 1 heart. Lal will jump back to a heating vent again so just do the same process with the other statue. Lal will be burned and out of health and you win. After you defeat him, Lal can be purchased in the college.


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