City of Danger is the third level in Raiders of the Lost Ark. You must play as Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood as in the previous level, though now in Cairo.

Enemies in this level include:

Vehicles include:

Ridable animals include:

  • Camel

Characters unlocked:

Unlocked characters to purchase:

Characters apearing only on Cutscene

This level introduces new way of getting items where you throw objects and someone or something in order to get the items you need. In this case you have to throw the monkey a banana to a wrench or some other item you need.Also,try this:Grab a bannana and toss it to the very first monkey,he will throw it to you but jump around and move around and don't grab it,Repeat this 20 times to complete an Arcievement.

You can also unlock a secret Young Indiana Jones Level by finding all the treasures and the series of levels of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, including the City of Danger.

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