Civil Men were the henchmen of Yelena.They Kidnapped Nora Nails and there Appearance is similar to Bandit Swordsman but they Have Ghostly Clear Hands, Pants, Hands, Arms and Hood instead of Turbin.They have a white head with Four printed Faces. 1) Happy, 2) Scared, 3)Scared, 4)Ghostly Face.There token is unlocked by going into Brody`s Classroom and you will be on a Level.

Tokens in Brody`s ClassroomEdit

Civil ManEdit

Cutscene: Brody nods his head and walks.

Play as Mutt, Collage Female and go to Brody`s desk and he will lift a box on the desk, Collage female can do magic and Magic Charcters can explode Locks by Levitating the Box and it Explodes and the Civil Man will be Purschable for 275, 000.

Marcus BrodyEdit

Attack Brody until he falls and his ghost comes out of him and his ghost burps his token out. After you Bought him he will stand back up. 15,000

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