You recognize building, yes? .
Real Name Antonin Dovchenko
Weapon(s) Grenade, Chain, Machine Gun, Pistol
Skill(s) Military

Colonel Dovchenko is a villain in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Overview Edit

In "Crystal Skull"Edit

Colonel Antonin Dovchenko was the third Colonel to have faced Indy. He and indy had two brutal fist-fights, the first one ended up with him getting knocked out, the second time he faced indy, he was beaten upside the head by a log and fell out of a circle blocked from killer Siafu ants and was carried off into their super-colony anthole and was eaten alive. He was played by Igor Jijikine.

In LEGO Indiana JonesEdit

I'll start by saying that I really don't know how to start. When you first meet Dovechenco, he tries to kill you, but you can't fight him, yet. Since I deal with boss battles, I have a slight dilemea. I'll give you a brief overview. Basically, run up to him, twice. Ah, now we can start the fight. So, basically, he stands on this missile, which he's using as a giant flamethrower. Ignore his gun, and don't get too close to him, or he'll whip you. So anyway, go to some crates on the right, and destroy them. There are some buttons. Ignore them for now, and head for Dovechenko. Whip him down from his platform, and leave him on the ground, near the missle. The flames should dissappear. Step on the buttons to start it up again. If you time it right, you should torch the tied up Dovechenko. Angry, he'll hop back up. Repeat the proccess twice. Whip, pull, buttons, whip, pull, buttons. Congratulations, you've beaten the first boss of the game!

Powers: Machine gun, chain (same as whip)

Hearts: 3

Interesting Fact: He and Chief Temple Guard(on the ds version of Lego Indy 1 ) are the only villains to have the same power as Indiana Jones.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Dovchenko was the third Colonel to face Indy, the other two were Ernst Vogel and Herman Dietrich.
    Colonel Dovchenko

    Dovchenko as he appears in a Indiana Jones lego set.

  • Dovchenko must have been ignorant to the impending siafu ants, as he jumped out of the back of a truck carrying him away.

Weapons Edit

When you unlock Dovchenko, he has a chain. However, he had a machine gun and Grenade in Hangar Havoc and a pistol in Dovchenko Duel.

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