Welcome to the brand new Crystal Skull Caper page, this Fan Idea page is about a level for Lego Indiana Jones 3: The Final Adventures

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Note: This is not a level for an actual game, it is just fan ideas

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Cutscene: Indy and pals walk up the stairs of the temple and look at the obeslik, Indy looks back at the Ugha who are dancing, Ox looks at the obelisk and goes around it and pulls a rock head off and sand pours from the hole, then Indiana Jones scratches his stubble.

  • you are on the top of the temple, walk down the pit and grab a rock, smash the rock at each of the stone heads on each side of the obelisk, the obelisk tower will go in, sand will pour out and you will fall to the next room, now you are on the stone stairs, the stairs will slowly sink into the wall, jump from one stair to the next and go down the spiral stairs to the end of the pit, if you fall down you may fall on the spikes in the water, if you go to the end of the stairs you can collect an artifact, go to the right wall and tag marion, make her jump onto a high platform and retrieve a key, go down and put it in a key slot to open the next door, go through, go through the temple hall and avoid the spear gates that come out from the wall, if you trigger it, to must climb up it and jump over, pass through a bit longer and see a Door, on the right side of the door is a high platform, on the left is another, lower then the other, Jump on the Left and Push a Box down on the ground, Rebuild box into ladder so others can get up on the Left Platform, tag Indy and use his whip to swing from this platform to the right one, on the right platform is a shovel, take it down next to the door, dig up pieces to build a panel of some sort, place crystal skull into it and the door will open, enter through the next room and now you are in the gold and artifacts room, there are two golden horns needed to open the door, one is just lying around, use Indy's whip to get onto a platform and then whiptarget the horn up, take horn over to the right side of the wall next to door and put the horn against the green pad on the wall. There is also a whip pull switch on the wall, swing at the switch and part of the wall will break, there is the second horn in it, take it down and make Marion pick it up and make her jump on the lower left platform and then to the higher left platform, take the horn to the green pad against the wall, the horns will move and you may tag Oxley and place the crystal skull in it and the door will open. Go through the door, down a small hall and enter into the room with the akator skeletons. Enter through and walk up to the crystal skeleton with no skull,

Cutscene: As Oxley is Raising the skull, Mac points his pistol at Indy and Spalko and two of her Guards come in, Irina Spalko grabs the Crystal Skull from Ox and places it on the Skeleton, The Skeleton turns his head at Irina, shoots somekind of ray out into her eyes, and all the skeletons form together into one with skin, the temple starts crumbling the ceiling breaks and the bottom of the alien ship is shown, the portal opens and the russians get sucked up, Mac starts running and grabs onto a pole, but then his legs and body starts getting sucked up, he grips harder but he still gets sucked up, as he gets sucked up he yells and Indy simply smiles and waves goodbye

Now the Temple is crumbling, the saucer is raising, and the interdimensional traveler giving Irina Spalko her "gift", there is a hole covered

  • Now the Temple is crumbling, the saucer is raising, and the interdimensional traveler giving Irina Spalko her "gift", there is a hole covered by a whip switch, but it only is visible and targetable every once in a while, the wall surrounding it is spining around and there is a hole in that wall, once the hole in the wall goes infront of the hole in the second wall, you may target your whip on it and reveal that hole, once the wall matches up to the hole again, you can go through it and enter next room, now you are going through the room with the large cogs while water is pouring down, the cogs are slowly coming from the wall and mashing against each other ontop of the pathway, keep on jumping over them if you can't go through on time, go up the first stairs and then the second, avoid the cogs and falling ceiling rocks as well as you can, then enter through the pit room, there is nothing to do except wait for the water to rise and bring you up.

Cutscene: The water shoots Indy and friends up and onto the temple, inside the temple the interdimensional being is flying up to mothership, then Irina can't take it anymore and explodes, Indy and Friends look down and they see the temple crumble and see a large saucer raise from the ground and lots of rocks are floating and circling around it along with Ughas, then as the Saucer flies away water poors in and creates a lake and all the rocks fall down.

End of Movie Cutscene: The Wedding Marrier is "reading" a book announcing Marion and Indy getting married, as he raises his arms in the air they kiss, Mutt sticks out his tongue, Mutt, Stanforth, Oxley, Sallah, Short Round, Jock, Janitor, and NPCs wearing suits stand up and start clapping, Indy grabs Marions arm and walks down off the stage, Mutt looks over as the door opens and the Fedora flies next to Mutt, Mutt grabs it, as he picks it up Indy grabs it and puts it on, as everyone leaves Mutt combs his hair and gets his comb stuck in his hair and looks at his hand and shrugs and walks out with a comb still stuck in his hair.

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