Desert Ambush

Desert Ambush is the 5th level in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Sallah, Indy and Henry finally catch up with the Germans and discover that not only has Elsa betrayed them but Donavon too. As the trio watches the German convoy (which consists of a car which carries Donavon, Elsa and Brody, many trucks and horses and a tank), Kazim and his men arrive and ambush them. While Henry naps, Indy and Sallah sneak through the chaos and try to get back Brody and Henry`s diary. But Colonel Vogel stops them and fights them in the tank. He is eventually driven back a bit and Indy and Sallah give chase. They jump atop the tank from a cliff and battle Vogel and his cronies. Sallah jumps off the tank before it plummets into a canyon, but Indy and Vogel are not so lucky. Sallah and Henry fear the worst, but soon Indy emerges, alive and well. Sallah is overjoyed to see his friend alive, but Henry smacks him over the back of the head for scaring them. They set off for the Temple of the Grail, where the Holy Grail is said to be located.

Enemies include:

You can play as:


This level comes before: Temple of the Grail

This level comes after: Trouble in the Sky

Level Walktrough Edit

Area 1:

Quickly find three crates and put them on three green pads. Then build the bits and hop in the vehicle you made and drive into the metal wall and go to get to another area.

Canyon A:

Bait Vogel into firing at two crates. Then, build the bits. Build the ladder and hop across the platforms and push the crate over the edge and build the bits. Vogel loses one heart the next time he drives about. Then he does it again and loses another heart. Finally, he does it a final time and then zooms off.

Canyon B:

Quickly build the ladder and climb it and cross those platforms. Vogel drives into some rocks and zooms off again.

Tank Chase:

Defeat the waves of soldiers and punch Vogel every single time he comes up.

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