Docvhenko (US Disguise)
"You recognize building yes?"
Real Name Antonin Dovchenko
Weapon(s) Machine Gun, Chain Whip, Grenades
Skill(s) Whip, security acess (Also has without costume also)
Phobia(s) Siafu

Dovchenko (US Disguise) is Colonel Dovchenko, disguised as a US Army Colonel.

In Lego Indiana Jones Edit

He appears in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure continues as a boss and in the cutscene in the Army Staff car. You have to fight him 2x times in the game,

Dovchenko as a level boss

first in the Hangar armed with grenades, second on the Rocket Sled armed with a machine gun and heavy chain. He is currently not unlockable but you can make him in character creator. (But without grenades or chain, just a machine gun)

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