The Enemy Guard (Mountains) is a character in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. He appears as an enemy character in this game. He does not appear in any of the movies.

In the gameEdit

The Enemy Guard (Mountains) appears in chapter 1 of the Raiders of the Lost Ark section in the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures video game. He is an enemy in level 2: Into the Mountains.  This is the only level the guard appears in. The guard wears a black uniform and is equipped with a pistol. Like most of the enemy soldiers, the guard has blond hair and blue eyes. His only skill is Soldier Access ability. The player encounters a group of mountain guards at the end of the level. They are steaming from a truck which the player has to destroy to finish the level. Once you have beaten the level, the Enemy Guard (Mountains) will be available in the library in Barnett College. Once you purchase him, he will be playable in Free Play mode.

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