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The Enemy Radio Operator is a character that appears in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Not much is known about him except he's a worker at the Castle Brunwald, the holding place of Henry Jones, Sr.. He was cornered and killed by Indy and his father. There are no minifigures of him, nor is there a LEGO set that contains his character in it.

Boss fightEdit

This guy is pathetically easy, let me say that right off the bat. In fact, I'm not really sure why I'm even providing a walkthrough for you. But whatever. After you run out into the clearing, there are going to be the boss,and a bunch of soldiers. The radio operator can be hard to find, since his minions look just like him. He is the one standing at the foot of a flight of stairs, with a headset on. Try to dodge his bullets( he's a decent shot) and hit him twice. Because apparently he's too nervous to go head to head, he'll run up that flight of stairs. Dash up and give him the old 1-2 (that's a boxing term). In terror, he will sprint away, and hope his minions will kill you. But you can handle them, right? After you've "dealt" with them, dash to the right, and up a ledge where the bum-rag (it means toilet paper) Is waiting to finish you off. Let's ruin his pipe dreams. If you picked up a gun, two well aimed shots will finish him off. If you're more of a hand-to-hand guy, (or girl) two good wallops will make him fall apart (literally). I told you he was easy!

Powers: Gun

Hearts: 6

Interesting Fact: The whole point of killing this guy is so he will drop a key, which you need to move on. But instead of dropping the key right where you killed him, it appears at the foot of the stairs where he started.

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After finishing the Castle Rescue level in Story Mode, go to the Library in Barnett College and buy the Enemy Radio Operator for 25,000 studs for use in Free Play mode. He is armed with a pistol, and can access panels that require you to wear an enemy uniform and fool the guard inside the booth into opening doors for you.

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