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Note: This is not a level for any actual game, it is fan ideas


Cutscene: Indiana Jones and Henry Jones just stole a Fighter Plane to escape from the Germans, however german pilots in Fighter Planes are in hot pursuit of them

  • Start off inside the fighterplane in the sky, there are several planes to take down as displayed on the top screen. Simply shoot them down, avoid shooting your own tailfin or you will go out of control, after shooting down the stunt planes, the second wave of enemies come, they are fighter planes, shoot down them, after that four more fighters come in, take down two of them by targeting your fighter's guns at the plane pilot

Cutscene: There are two fighters left, Henry Jones Sr. does his best to shoot them but instead shoots his own tailfin and the biplane crashes in a goat farm, Indy and Henry get out of the plane and notice a jeep

  • Now you are in the Goat farm, a fighter plane is keep shooting you over and over again, and every once in awhile it drops bombs. Do your best to find the hidden crates and fix the jeep. After fixing the jeep jump into it and drive onto the road, the Fighter will chase you, do your best at avoiding the gunshots and bombs, collect speed-up powerups to get away easier, drive your way into the cave

Cutscene: The Fighter Plane chases Indy's jeep into the cave and its wings blow off and the jeep passes by the pilot and out of the cave, after driving out of the cave they notice the other fighter plane in the air shooting them, they look back and hit a rock, they fly out off the hill and onto the beach

  • Now you are at the beach, the Fighter Plane is now attacking you, there are seagulls at the beach, use Henry Jones' umbrella to scare them away, they will fly into the fighter plane's propeller and the first wing blows off, the burning plane continues attacking, do the same thing again and the second wing will blow off

Cutscene: The Fighter Plane blows up, Henry and Indy high five, but then a group of sea gulls fly at them, after they fly away bird poo is on Indy, as he is wiping it off, a jeep drives next to them and in it is Sallah, he greets them and then Henry and Indy drive off with Sallah.Elsa holds her lips Going Hew!ontop of a Cliff looking at Sallah and Indy and she Dives on Henry With the Secret Anti- Dollar Net of hers Trueley.

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