Free Play is a form of playing LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures levels. In Free Play, you can choose any character you want that has been purchased, as opposed to Story Mode, in which characters actually go with the "story". You can change from one character to the next as often as you want (To do this on the Wii you press the 1 and 2 buttons. On the PS2 use the L1 and R1 buttons.) On Free Play you can reach extra areas of the level that were not reachable in Story Mode, so that you can collect more pieces to an artifact or find the parcel in that level. For example, if you pass by a silver object in Story mode and you have no means of blowing it up, come back in Free Play mode and blow it up with a Bazooka Trooper. You can also play as on of the Strangers from The Art Room. Free Play also allows you to acess more bonuses and find more secrets that were not available in Story Mode. When you play in Free Play the cutscenes do not appear in the levels. When you choose a character in the list before playing the level, other characters are also available to switch to. If a character is vital to complete the level, then that character will be included in the list.

WARNING! Some of these characters here may not appear in the game since Han Solo `s in it.
Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull)     Agent Irina Spalko     Marion (Jungle)
Mac        Collage Female      Dovencho                Villager
Mutt        The Mannaquin`s      Harold Oxley         Mararajah (Thugee)
Russian Guard    Russian Digger      Marion (Crystal Skull)   Ugha Warrior

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