Indiana and the gang escape to the mines behind the temple, where they find the missing village children. The kids are being forced by the Thuggee to mine for more Sankara Stones, as the stones are integral to one of Mola's evil plots. As the gang rescues the children, Short Round becomes captured by the Thuggee. Indiana and Willie go to find Short Round, but are confronted by the Thuggee Slave Driver and the hypnotized Maharajah. Willie frees Short Round as Indiana fights the Thuggee Slave Driver. Maharajah strengthens Thuggee Slave Driver with the Blood of Kali, but Short Round then snaps Maharajah back to his senses. The Thuggee Slave Driver is then squished with the rock crusher. The village children flee the mines, as Indiana and the crew head for the mine cart tunnels.

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