The Giant Snake is a huge snake that lived in the The Well of the Souls. Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones killed it in The Well of Souls (level). It did not appear in the movie.

Boss FightEdit

If you keep reading my boss fight explanations, in Vogel hand to hand, I'll say that he's the easiest boss. This jerk comes in close second. After you turn the keys, you'll pull him up. Don't let his size scare you, this guy's a pushover. Run to your left, where you will find two torches. Grab one, and run to about the center. after you carefully aim, pitch the torch. It will take away 1 heart. Repeat 4 more times. The only thing I can add is that after you use the 2 availible torches, just wait, more will appear in the same spots.

Powers: Invincibility, poison spitting (just like bullets)

Hearts: 5


  • This snake is the same as the LEGO Basilisk from the LEGO Harry Potter play sets.

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