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This article is about the level "Holy Grail Haven" in the fan-made Lego Indiana Jones 3: the Final Adventures, Please edit this page and share your ideas on the third section

Note: This article is not about a real level from an actual game it is fan ideas

Game PlayEdit

Cutscene:After attacked by Vogel's tank, Indy and his friends follow the map to the Temple of the holy grail

  • Begin the level outside the temple, fight off the soldiers and rebuild the broken tank into a high platform, grab several boxes hidden in diferent places and put them on the green pads, build the pieces into a ladder, clim up the ladder and jump onto the high platform, use Indy's whip to swing from the high platform to part of the canyon, build a small bridge for Brody, Henry, and Sallah to get across, there would be a Heiroglyphic puzzle on the canyon hidden by a sand pile, use Sallah's shovel to dig it away, then tag brody or Henry and acess the puzzle, the camera will turn onto the left canyon as two platforms come slowly out of the canyon, jump off the right canyon and use Indy's whip to climb up to it, on it is a push box, push it off the platform and it will fall down onto the ground and explode, build the pieces inside it into a ladder that reaches to the top platform, jump onto the top platform that goes in and out, jump quickly onto part of the canyon and grab the key, jump down with the key and put it into the socket, the temple door will open and you may enter

Cutscene:As Indy and his friend enter the temple they see that the germans already beet them there, they look down as a Hatay volunteer's head rolls pass them and the body follows, Indy and pals watch the volunteer chase his head and as they turn there heads Donovan and other germans are pointing there guns at them, Donovan shoots Henry Jones and Brody shows Indy a picture of the Holy Grail on the walls of the temple.

  • So now Henry Jones is no longer playable along with brody who is comforting him, there are several soldiers pointing guns at you, go up the stairs and through the first test: the breath of God; there are several webs, whip or hit the webs or else you will get tied up like a rope, after getting passed the webs, saws start coming out of the wall, use the whip on the saws and make them come out from the wall and then venture further through the level, now saws are coming out from the ground, while saws attached to ropes are flinging back and forth, while they are swinging, use Indy's whip and pull them off the ropes to make them fall off the ropes, now dig up a cog and put it against a green pad, then use Indy's whip and whip against the cog to stop the ground saws, the saws will go in and now you can enter

Cutscene:As Henry is still aching Indy and Sallah enter through the next challenge (The name of God) they see the floor, Indy examines the letters and he puts his foot on one of them and it falls in.

  • Now you are in the room of the second challenge, there are several rocks with letters on them, look at the sign on the wall it says "I-E-H-O-V-A-H" jump from one rock to another spelling the word, once a correct letter is picked that letter on the wall will light up. Jump on the wrong letter and the rocks will fall down with you and you have to restart it, after the word is spelled the door will open, enter through it

Cutscene:Indy runs into the room and nearly falls down but then catches himself, but then Sallah runs in and falls down, Indy grabs his hand to pull him up, but Sallah slips and falls down on what looks like thin air

  • Now you are in the room of the third challenge(The Leap of Faith), go right with sallah and dig up a ladder, bring the ladder over to a green pad on the left side and put it down, climb up it and jump onto the side of the wall, there is a push box filled with sand, push it and the box will tip and reveal the first part of the bridge, jump onto the bridge and then use the whip to climb up onto a platform on the right wall, build a sandbox and then push it off onto the bridge, it will reveal more of it. Walk down it to the revealed end, there is another platform on the cliff on the right side, climb up it with Indy's whip, tie up Sallah and then climb up the rope onto the top of the platform and then from the top, once you bring sallah onto it, tag him and jump free, on the platform is a diggable sandbox, dig it up and then push it off and the end of the bridge will be revealed as a locked door opens. Go through the door.

Cutscene:Indy and Sallah go into the room and see the grail knight praying, they look at the grails that surround him and then he swings his sword at them at a very slow speed, the old knight then drops his sword and grabs his aching back, Indiana looks back and sees Elsa and Donovan enter the room with a gun at hand he looks at the wrong grail and fills it up with water, takes a drink and laughs, then as the Knight shakes his head Donovan starts shaking and screaming, Elsa and Indy back away as his hair grows out and ages very fast, he then turns into a skeleton and breaks into pieces

  • Now you are in the room with the grails, pick a cup from the shelf and then put it into the water and then drink, pick the wrong one and you will age and then die, once you pick up the right one the challenge will end

Cutscene:Indy drinks from the Holy Grail and feels refreashed, he runs to his father and gives him the holy grail, he drinks from it and then stands up and feels refreashed, Elsa then grabs the cup and runs past a certain point and the temple starts falling, the ground starts breaking and Elsa drops the cup and falls in, Indy grabs her hand, she reaches for it and she falls in and leaves her hand piece in Indy's hand, Indy looks over and sees the Grail Knight shaking his head again

  • The temple is crumbling, dodge the rocks and jump over the cracking floor, make it to a certain part of the temple and a key will pop out of the quaking floor, grab the key to open the door and end the level by escaping

Cutscene: As the remains of the temple crumble Indy, Brody, Henry, and Sallah barely make it out alive

End of Movie Cutscene: Indy jumps on his horse and follows his friends, Brody mumurs"Ready, Set, Go" and they race each other to the end of the canyon as the sun sets.

Charecters Unlocked: Elsa desert is available to buy.

More IdeasEdit

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