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Cutscene: The panam plane is flying over the globe and lands in Iilha Aramaca, the russians are dancing at the campsite fire with Oxley, Oxley crazily jumps over the fire, and then the camera turns to inside the tent, Indy is strapped to the chair struggling, Irina Spalko and Mac enter in, Irina snaps her fingers, two russians bring Oxley in, he has swirly eyes, Irina holds the Crystal Skull infront of Ox, she brings it back and forth and Ox's head follows, Then she holds it infront of Indy, Indy turns his head, Irina snaps her fingers again, Dovchenko and a Russian grab Mutt and Marion and bring them into the tent at gunpoint, Indy then gives into it and Irina shakes the skull infront of Indy, the camera zooms upo close to the skull, then at Indy, Indy's head starts shaking and his eyes begin to swirl, but then Mutt kicks the skull away, punches a russian, then Marion punches Dovchenko, Mutt pushes Indy's chair to the ground, as Mac backs away Indy punches his face, Mac faints, the Russians back up and Mutt throws a lamp on the ground and starts a fire.

* You are in the Russian tent, there is fire in it, simply walk out, now you are in the campsite, take down the Russians that keep coming in, jump down the rocks and down below, creatures like spiders come in, take them down, and walk futher through the jungle, take down more and more russians. And then travel through the field, take down more Russians, there is a trees blocking the next area, take down a russian bazooka trooper, grab his hat and then knock on the russian guardpost, after knocking it will open a gate, behind the gate is an army jeep, ride the jeep and break through the trees, enter next area.

Cutscene: Mutt, Ox, Marion, and Indy are being chased by the Russians,Indy and Marion back up as some russians are pointing guns at them, then the Russians look down, see a snake and run off scared, Marion and Mutt start laughing, but then Indy and Marion start sinking, they are in some sinking sand.

  • Now Marion and Indy are sinking, Tag mutt, Use Mutt's knife to cut a vine, now you can climb up the vine and jump on the branch, then jump on it's leaves, the leaves are bouncy, jump from one leaf to the next and jump onto the branch with the Snake on it, pick up the snake and jump off the tree, use the snake like a whip and target Marion to pull her out, you can't pull Indiana Jones out because of his phobia of snakes, Tag Marion and use her super jumps to jump onto a tree that Mutt can't reach and run down the branch, punch a vine off the tree and make it fall down next to Indy, Tag Indy and now you can climb up the vine and get onto the tree, jump off the tree

  • Mac comes in and is a boss, simply grab his gun out from his hand and then tie him up with Indy's whip and pull him into the mud, pull him as well as you can or he will pull you in like Tug'o War, after one heart goes down some soldier will come in, kill them, the same way, then you can face Mac again, do the same thing several more times

Cutscene: Mac is struggling to get out but then a russian pulls him out, Indy and friends back up and more russians with guns come in, then Oxley comes in smiling

This Level unlocks Marion (Jungle) and Oxley; it lets you buy Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull) and Russian Soldier. You also unlock Russian Soldier for the Level creator.

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