"Ask yourself, why do you seek the Cup of Christ? Is it for his glory... or for yours?"
Weapon(s) Pistol

Kazim is a Member of the Brotherhood. He set Sir Richard's tomb on fire whille Dr. Elsa Schneider and Indiana Jones were still inside! Later, he and his men ambushed Walter Donovan's convoy with Indiana Jones. Yet he was mortally wounded and before he died, he warned Donovan and Elsa of the traps.


Kazim is a boss at the end of The Hunt for Sir Richard level. Kazim will appear with six hearts. He'll send out some of his men to attack you. After defeating them, Kazim will charge at you, so just punch him two times to get off some of his hearts. Next, he'll jump into a boat and will have four lives now. Jump into another boat and chase after him. Once you catch up to him, just start bumping him with your boat until you get all the boats heart's down. Once you knock him out of his boat, he'll jump over to an island, so drive over to it and punch him two more times. Then, he'll jump in to another boat again, so just keep continuing this until you get all the boats health down. Then Kazim will jump on top of his boat near some giant propellers. Drive your boat over to him where you can punch and defeat him, ending the level.

In Lego Indiana Jones Edit

He is a playable character in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, you have to defeat him in the hunt for Sir Richard level. In this version he does not die, he only is last seen with his men ambushing the convoy in the Desert Ambush level. (He doesn't return in the sequel.)


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