Raiders of the Lost ArkEdit


1.Temple Escape= Boulder Room= Hovito's Hut

2. Raven Rescue= Toasty Tavern= Abandoned Shack

3. Cairo Condrurum= Cairo Café= Sallah's House

4. Tanis Teasers= Tanis Timer= Nazi Camp

5. Covenant Crypid= Anubis Escape= Egyptian Pyramid

6. Flying-Wing Fight= Airstrip Hanger= Control Room

7. After the Ark= Ark Trek= Machine Designer

8. Bantu Brawl= Submarine Room= Sunken Ship

9. Terror at Tabernacle= Nazi Base= Ghost Room

Indiana Jones



Jungle Guide

Belloq [Jungle]

Hovito Tribesmen

Hovito Tribesmen [Shooter]

Indiana Jones [Pistol]


Indiana Jones [Professor]

Major Eaton

Colonel Musgrove


Indiana Jones [Bed-Robe]

Indiana Jones [Blue Suit]

Plane Captain


Nepal Male

Nepal Female

Nepal Worker

Major Toht


Sherpa Gunner

Sherpa Brawler

Enemy Soldier [Mountains]

Indiana Jones [Cairo]

Marion [Cairo]


Cairo Male

Cairo Female

Cairo Child

Cairo Priest


Bandit Swordsman

Masked Bandit

Monkey Man

Indiana Jones [Desert Digger]

Sallah [Digger]

Enemy Soldier

Enemy Soldier [Vest]

Enemy Soldier [

Temple of DoomEdit

1. Shanghai Showdown= Shanghai Street= Club Obi-Wan

2. Dignity Drop= Aircraft Remains= Raft Rider

3. Violent Village= Elephant Extinction= Cursed House

4. Road to Pankot= Other Road to Pankot= Underground Chamber

5. Pankot Panic= Pankot Diner= Minister's Room

6. Thuggee Tangle= Lava Room= Thuggee Mystery

7. Shaft Secrets= Slave Driver Cave= Water Bucket

8. Minecart Mayhem= Rail Recreator= Water and Lava

9. Battle on the Bridge= Destroyed Bridge= Crocodile Escape

Last CrusadeEdit

1.Young Indy= Passenger Train= Undiscovered Cave

2. Coronado Capers= Crab Cake Confusion= Deserted Island

3. Menace in Venice= Venice Library= Venice Chamber

4. Hustle in the Castle= Radio Room= Nazi's Room

5. Motorbike Hike= Windmill= Bazooka Room

6. Book Burning Rally= Perilous Parking= Book Burning Room

7. Fighter Plane Attack= Sheep Farm= Dark Tunnel

8. Trouble on the Tank= Terror on the Dunes= Canyon Hut

9. Holy Grail Heaven= Trial and Terror= Underground Temple

Kingdom of the Crystal SkullEdit

1. Hangar Havoc= Atomic Café= Hangar 52

2. Hangar Escape= Giant Crate= Forklift Fun

3. Doom Town= Dummy Run= Doom Town House 2

4. Café Chaos= Café Rats= Chef's Room

5. Motorbike Escape= Motorbike City= Library Legacy

6. Crain Train= Shooting Target= Railroad

7. Peru Cell Perusal= Musical Mania= Peru Nurse Room

8. Tomb Doom= Tomb Time= Cemetery Hut

9. Russian Camp= Russian Forest= Hollow Tree

10. Jungle Jam= Jungle Jinx= Tree Cutter

11. Dovchenko Duel=