Added Akator Access which can be used by Ugahs, Cemetery Warriors, Indermensonial Beings or anybody wielding a crystal skull [like the scholar access] Added Brotherhood Access which can be used by Grail Knight, Kazim, Brotherhood Guards or anybody religious to the Holy Grail


1. Temple Escape= Chapacoylan Idol= Super Shovel

2. Major Trouble= Nepalese Shack= Fire Gun

3. Cairo Condrum= Monkey Statue= Animal Ability

4. Tanis Teasers= Staff of Ra= Enemy Escape

5. Covenant Cryptic= Anubis Statue= Treasure x2

6. Flying Wing Fight= Flying Wing= Vehicle Gunner

7. Race for the Ark= Truck= Double Whip

8. Bantu Brawl= Nazi Submarine= Super Wrench

9. Terror at Tabernacle= Ark of the Covenant= Regenerate Hearts

Indiana Jones

1. Shanghai Showdown= Short Rounds Car= Super Scream

2. Dignity Drop= Raft= Double Plane Shooter

3. Violent Village= Elephant= Super Vehicle Speed

4. Road to Pankot= Vampire Bat= Treasure x5

5. Pankot Panic= Pankot Diamond= Super Sword

6. Temple of Kali= Ceremonial Headdress= Super Torch

7. Shaft Secrets= T-Rex Remains= Double Punch

8. Minecart Mayhem= Minecart= Poo Studs

9. Battle at the Bridge= Shankara Stones= Lightning Strike

1. Young Indy= Magic Box= Double Horse Jump

2. Coronado Caper= Cross of Coronado= Water Gun

3. Menace in Venice= Venice Canal= Phobia Taker

4. Hastle in the Castle= Nazi Frame Portrait= Treasure x7

5. Motorbike Hike= Bike n Side= Bike n Side Gun

. Book Burning Rally= Henry Jones Diary= Enemy Taker

7. Plane Fighter Attack= Zeppelin= Fire Car

8. Tank Terror= Nazi Tank= Vehicle Double Gun

9. Holy Grail Heaven= Holy Grail= Invincibility

1. Hangar Havoc= Magnetic Crate= Artifact Detector

2. Hangar Escape= Russian Car= Parcel Detector

3. Doomtown= Fridgerator= Double Bazooka

4. Café Chaos= Table= Water Bottle

5. Motorcycle Escape= Mutts Motorbike= 4 Wheel Bike

6. Library Legacy= Bookshelf= Enemy Helper

7. Peru Cell Perusal= Hieroglyphic Brick= Mind Control

8. Cemetery Attack= Explorer Skelton= Poison Gun

9. Russian Camp= Russian Tent= Quick Sand Dyer

10. Russian Forest= Jungle Cutter= Vehicle Cutter

11. Dovchenko Duel= Ant Statue= Boss Shrinker

12. Riverboat Escape= Riverboat= Super Boat

13. Ugah Struggle= Pyramid= Treasure x10

14. Akator Ambush= Akator Chest of Jewelry= Enemy Tracker

15. Akator Escape= Crystal Skull= Glowing Body

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