Here are new LEGOr ideas about sets:

Raiders of the Lost ArkEdit

Terror At The Bar=  Indiana Jones, Marion, Thot, 4 Sherpas, 4 Tables, 4 Chairs ,The Bar

Well Of Souls=  Indiana Jones, Marion, 4 Diggers, Sallah, Map Room, Well of Souls Room. 4 Nazis

Truck Chase=  Truck, Staff Car, 4 Army Jeeps, Indiana Jones, Belloq, Thot, Dieritch, 7 Nazis

Ship Battle=  Bantu Wind, Submarine, Indiana Jones, Katanga, First Mate, Marion, 4 Pirates, 4 Nazis

Ark Cermony=  Telaphone Pole, Ark, Indiana Jones, Marion, Belloq, Thot, Dieritch, 6 Nazis

Temple of DoomEdit

Village Terror=  3 Houses, Plane, Indiana Jones, Willie, Short Round, Village Elder, 6 Villagers

Pankot Palace=  Dining Room, 2 Rooms, Spike Room, Indiana Jones, Willie, Short Round, Chatter Lal, 5 Priest, Mahrajah, 4 Pankot Guards

Kali Temple=  Kali Room, Slave Room, Indiana Jones, Willie, Short Round, Man, 5 Thugges, 10 Slaves, Mola Ram, Slave Driver

Bridge Battle=  Bridge, Indiana Jones, Willie, Short Round, 5 Thugges, Mola Ram, British Soilder, 2 British

The Last CrusadeEdit

Venice Libary=  Libary, Underground, Indiana Jones, Elsa, Brody, Librain, 4 Venice People

Castle Caper=  Nazi Room, Fireplace Room, Hall, Gun Room, Indiana Jones, Elsa, Henry Jones, 6 Nazis

Zepplin Fight=  Zepplin, 2 Planes, Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, 7 Passengers, Captian, 1 Pilot

Tank Chase=  Tank, 4 Cars, 2 Horse, 2 Camel, Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, Sallah, Donavan, Vogel, Elsa, 2 Canyon Guards, 10 Nazis

Grail Temple=  Open Room, Spike Room, Letter Room, Path Room, Grail Room, Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, Sallah, Brody, Donavan, Elsa, Grail Knight, 6 Nazis

Kingdom of the Crystal SkullEdit

  • Bar Fight=Includes 2 Agents, Mutt Williams, Indiana Jones, 1 car and 1 motorcycle.
  • Giant ants nest=Includes Indiana Jones, Irina Spalko, Colonel Dovchenko, 1 russian soldier, Oxley with crystal skull, 1 russian jeep, 1 all terrain vehicle, giant ant nest, 3 trees

Possible Indiana Jones 5Edit

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