Lego Indiana Jones 4/1713 Installed Lego Indiana Jones 3/24/13 Installed Lego Indiana Jones Summer Sets 2013 installed 4/13/13 Indiana Jones Redesign , Lego Minifigure Mutt Williams Redesign , Lego Minifigure Henry Jones Redesign , Lego Minifigure Indiana Jones Open Shirt Redesign , Lego Minifigure German Guard x3 Redesign , Lego Minifigure Young Indy , Lego Minifigure Martian Revenwood Redesign , Lego Minifigure Russian Gaurd x3 Redesign 3/12/13 Lego Indiana Jones Summers Sets 2013 Boxes 80000 The Jungle Cutter , 80001 Plane Chase , 80002 Resaruant Attack , 80003 The Motor Chase 80004 The Circus Train 4/15/13 Installed

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