Lego sets are sets of hard plastic building bricks that can be built to almost anything. Some popular themes include Indiana Jones, Mindstorms, City, Star Wars, and far more!

History of the BricksEdit

LEGO was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1934. Although these toys were wooded. It wasn't until 1949 when LEGO made plastic bricks. These plastic bricks were however simple and easily came apart with rough play. In 1958 the modern LEGO brick design we all use today was patented and produced. The design did not allow the bricks to easily come off.

LEGO Amusement ParksEdit

LEGO operates four Amusement parks across the world. The first was built in Billund, Denmark; the second was made in Windsor, England; the third in Gunzburg, Germany; and the fourth was settled in California.

Electronics and Video GamesEdit

LEGO has produced mindstorm sets which allowed one to build their own robot out of Lego bricks. The robots were easy to program on a PC or Mac. The latest mindstorms set even allows control over the robot with a Bluetooth cellphone.

LEGO has produced videogames too. The first videogames were based upon some of their popular sets such as Rockraiders. Today videogames include Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, and in September 2008 the release of Lego Batman: The Video Game.

LEGO also has a free software to download called LEGO Digital Designer. This free program allows one to create their own Lego set using virtual bricks and upload it to the LEGO website where they can buy their custom made LEGO set.

External LinksEdit

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