Note: This is not a level for an actual game it is Fan Ideas.

Game Play Edit

Cutscene:In search for the tomb of sir richard Indiana Jones and Brody meet up with Dr. Schneider

  • Start off in the city of venice in the docks, walk down the pathway, make Elsa jump on a rope connected to a house,

pieces will fall out of the house, build the pieces into some stairs, walk up the stairs and enter the city of venice, there is a gap, swing across with Indy's whip, find the two boxes and place them on the green pads, use the pieces to build a bridge for Marcus Brody and Elsa to get across, make Elsa jump onto a roof of the library and use the buildable pieces ontop of it to build a heiroglyphic puzzle below, jump down and activate it. The library door will open, enter it.

Cutscene: Indy, Elsa, and Brody walk into the library, they notice the stain glass picture of a lego Jesus with roman numerals of 3, 7, and 10. They start looking around while Kazim spies on them from the balcony upstairs

  • Go to diferent areas to find tiles with the numbers 7 and 3 on them against columns, once they are found the camera will turn to the stain glass picture as the numbers on it light up and then it points to a column that will unfold into stairs that reach up to the balcony. Walk up the stairs and activate a puzzle, it will move a nearby bookshelf and reveal some pole pick-ups. Pick one up and bring it down to the giant X on the floor, hit the pole several times against the X and it will crumble and make a hole, jump into the hole.

Cutscene: Indy and Elsa Jump into the pit, Indy falls on his face and gets up with a rat on his head, Elsa starts laughing but then she looks around and there are swarms of rats and then she screams and backs away.

  • Now you are underneath the library, there are many bones along with a gate with a skeleton in it, activate a heiroglyphic puzzle and the gate will open, destroy the skeleton and grab it's arm, take it's arm to a wall torch(wich can't be picked up), use the skeleton arm as a torch and scare away the rats, enter through the next door.
  • Go through a hall filled with rats, jump onto a platform with two buttons with Elsa, Indy can use his whip to get up. Get on both buttons and another platform will come out from the wall with a pushbox on it, push it off and it will explode, use it's pieces to build a puzzle, activate it and the wall will crumble, go through it.
  • Go down the tomb hall and then down another, there are many swarms of brown and gray rats splurting out from holes in the wall, along with gigantic rats that will attack you, kill off the gigantic ones, then use Indy's whip on two switches, one on each wall, it will close up the holes, no more rats will come out, now use the torch to scare off the rats, if you drop a torch into the petroleum water it will make a large fire and you will die, now enter through the next door and into the coffin room, there are several giant rats in the room, take them down, There are six other coffins(not including Sir Richard's), in three of them there are pieces to build a ladder to go up to Richard's Coffin, in others there are spike traps. To open the coffins, you must light your torch against there lids. After building the ladder climb up it and aim your torch against the coffin lid, it will open

Cutscene: As Indy and Elsa open the coffin, Indy colours in the paper over the shield, then as Brody is keeping watch, he gets knocked out by Kazim and then Kazim drops a torch into the tomb below, it causes a great fire.

  • Now the flames are coming for you, push against the coffin and push it off the platform and onto some black and white tiles, push it against the tiles end, and it will open a secret door, in the door is a ladder, climb up it and end the level.

Cutscene:Indy and Elsa climb out from the Manhole as some civilans watch and scream. Indy looks over at a speedboat, but then sees Kazim and two of his henchman run over to him with guns at hand.

This unlocks indiana jones (library) and elsa (library); it lets you buy venice cillians and kazim and kazim henchman.

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