Skull Hunt Edit

Use Indy`s Whip and play as harold oxley through the crystal skull on the le.

Skull Head 1 Edit

 Go and climb up a ladder build a skeleton and play as him by atracting some crystal skull skeletons.

  kill one and pick up the head and put it in the asxe Kail.

Skull Head 2 Edit

 Play as indy kill 10 Russian guards then one Ugha Warrior will run out with a crystal skull head. pick up a sword

 kill him and move a skull head and put it in the asxe Kail

Skull Head 3 Edit

 BEWARE Of this part make sure a Ugha Warrior and the asxe Warrior are not looking at us. Change into

 Harold Oxley and through the skull head into the asxe Kail.Then the Collage Female will take you to a foggy place and

 kiss Mac.

Playable Characters: Indiana Jones, Mac, [[Harold Oxley

Enemies: Ugha Warrior, asxe Warrior

Boss: Collage Female (Robot)

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