Mineshaft Showdown is a level for LEGO Indiana Jones 3: The Final Adventures. Please note that this is entirely fan-fiction.

Cutscene: Indy, Willie and Short Round enter the Thuggee mineshaft, were many children are working tirelessly to find the Sankara stones. Indy runs and hides behind a rock. Then he goes behind a rock that's closer to one of the slavedrivers. Then he darts behind another rock, and keeps going until he is right beside the Thuggee slavedriver. He punches the slavedriver in the jaw and the level begins!

  • Level: You must defeat a bunch of Thuggee that try to attack you. Then use the whip switch to pull a bunch of boulders on top of one of the slave drivers, freeing one of the children. The slave child will then throw you a key. Use the key to unlock a cage with another child slave in it. This slave will open a door, allowing you to proceed to the next area.
  • Three Thuggee guards attack you when you arrive in this area. destroy them, then use short round to enter a area only small people can enter. Take the key, then bring it back out and use it to crank a turntable for a mining cart track. Use the whip switch to pull out the block and the cart will smash a pile of boulders, revealing a small area with a couple of slaves and a handful of slavedrivers. Kill the slavedrivers and go through a tunnel into the next chamber!

Cutscene: The trio poke their heads around a corner, and see the a slavedriver whipping a kid. Indy throws a rock at him and he turns around. Indy then gives him an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him out cold. The kid cheers and runs away. Suddenly, the cheif slavedriver jumps out from behind a rock and stands in a fighting stance, grinning evily.

  • Level: There is a barrel of mining tools off to your left. Grab a sledge hammer and swing it at the slavedriver's torso. He will lose one of his hearts and jump onto a ledge. Two thuggee priests will then attack you. Use your whip to tie them up, and throw them at the slavedriver. When the first one hits him, he will get dizzy. When the second one hits him, he will fall off the ledge. Repeat the process untill he has no more hearts.

Cutscene: The Maharajah enters the chamber onto a high ledge from a tunnel. He takes out his voodoo doll and shakes it. Below, Indy is brawling with the Cheif Slavedriver, but suddenly he levitates in the air and shakes up and down. Short round suddenly points to the maharajah on the ledge.

  • Level: The slavedriver now has five hearts. He carries Indy onto the rock crusher and starts to pound him. Use short round to go into a small person area and then jump on the pulley system, which takes you up to the maharajah's ledge. Grab a torch and hit him in the torso. He will get dizzy and stop whacking the voodoo doll. Switch to Willie and take a bucket from the barrel of mining supplies. Give it to Indy and then switch to him. Use the advanced combat to hit the slavedriver in the head with it. He will fall over, stunned. Punch him in the torso and he will lose a heart. Then the Maharajah will recover, knock short round off the ledge, and resume tormenting the doll. Repeat this process. The final time, you will have to punch the chief Slavedriver in the head, then use Willie to get a handsaw from the barrel. Hit the Cheif slavedriver in the torso with the saw and you win!

Cutscene: The Slavedriver gets flattened by the rock crusher and floats down onto the ground like a piece of paper. Indy then jumps of the conveyer belt, landing on the 2-D Thuggee. Short Round Grapples with the Maharajah, and then hits him in the side with the torch. The Maharajah suddenly recovers from the black sleep and points to a mining cart. Indy then scratches his chin.

Unlocked CharactersEdit

After playing this level, you unlock Thuggee slavdriver, Chief Slavedriver, and Slave Child. You also unlock Thuggee Acolyte and Chief Slavedriver for the level creator.

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