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Mola Ram
Kali Ma Shakti Dei!
Real Name N/A
Weapon(s) Melee/Black Sleep(In Lego Indy 2)
Skill(s) Thuggee Access
Phobia(s) Crocodiles

Mola Ram was a character in the second Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, who was the main villain of this movie. He ultimately dies at the end when Indy punches him into an alligator infested river were he is eaten alive.

Mola Ram also had the ability to remove a person's heart. In the Battle on the Bridge he tries this, unsuccessfully, on Indiana Jones.

In LEGO® Indiana JonesEdit

Mola Ram is a playable character in the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures game. He has a magic stunning attack and Melee attacks, and has the Thuggee Access ability.

Mola Ram can suck out peoples hearts. Mola Ram's headress with horns is also usable to wear for the Thuggee Access ability. In Lego Indy 2, his new minifigure from the 2009 Lego set was used, and he was given the ability to throw bottles of the Black Sleep at people.

MolaRam and guards

Mola Ram and guards

In the level designer, Mola Ram can place down enemies, vehicles and phobias. He can also push out the sides to expand the level.

BOSS Mola Ram is the final boss at the end of the Battle on the Bridge level. Mola Ram will have five hearts when you start. First, fight off some Thuggees that come charging after you. Then, Mola Ram will come down from a ledge and take control of you so quickly tag to another person to hit and take away a heart. After you hurt him, Mola Ram will send out more Thugges to kill you. Defeat all the Thuggees and take a sword from one. Use the sword to throw it onto a rope suspending the bridge. The sword will cut the rope and Mola Ram will come down again. Keep repeating this process until he's all out of health and you win.

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