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Indiana Jones The last Crusade; Motercycle Chase 003

Mortercycle Chase (Level)

Note: This is not for an actual game, it is fan ideas

Gameplay Edit

Cutscene: Indiana Jones is with his father outside of Brunwald at the docking bay, Indiana Jones gets inside a speedboat and starts up the engine, as he is getting out he falls into the water beacause Henry Jones threw his luggage into the boat and it hit Indy's head, Indy gets out of the water with a fish on his head and then points to a box with the motorcycle in it

  • Start off in the docking bay, the boats are taking off, use Indy's whip on the switch on the back of one of the boats to pull it in, in the boat is a box pick up, pick it up and take it over to the green pad, then find the otehr box and take it over to the other green pad, build the box pieces onto a large crate and form them into a bar along the middle of the box, on the bar is another pull switch, pull it and inside is a bike'n side, make both characters jump onto it

Cutscene: Vogel and two brunwald guards walk down the stairs with guns at hand and see the boats taking off, they step inside one boat and then look over and see Henry and Indy on the Bike'n Side getting away, Vogel yells for them and falls into the water

  • Now you are on the road, take down the four motorcycles displayed on the topscreen, take them down by ramming into them or making one player jump onto that motorcycle and kicking them off, after taking them down Bike'n Sides will come in and you will have to beat them, in order to beat them you must pick up a flag pole and use it to knock both riders off, after beating them a roadblock will open, go through to reach nect room
  • You are now in the next area, in this area there are several ramps, on the top screen highspeed black motorcycle gunners are displayed, in order to defeat them you must chase them and then go on the ramp and get infront of them and they will bump into you and explode, after that several gunners, Bike'n Sides, and regular dirt bikes will come in, do what you must to take them down, then the second guardpost will open

Cutscene: Indy and Henry on the Bike'n Side zoom down the road and come to the sign that points to venice and the other that points to berlin, Indy starts going to Venice, but Henry stops him, points to Berlin and gets out a picture of the diary, Indy mocks him and Hnery slaps Indy, Indy then turns the Bike'n Side around and drives off to Berlin

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