Noria Nails

Nora Nails the Fairy

Noria was a girl who Mark Verne's girlfriend. She appears in five levels searchng for the Gems of Pisa.She get`s Kidnapped by Yelena`s Army Civil Man and is almost killed by Yelena.She Wears Pink and has a Pink Dress with Pink Cape and She has the same hair as Elsa but Pink with Purple/Pinky Eyes. She has a Double face one face a Georgous Girl and the other, a face Similar to Voldermort`s Face from Lego Harry Potter but a Girlish Version.She has fairy Wings,(The ability to Glide) and her weapon is a Wand that Includes Wingardan Leviosa on Objects and Bricks.After the Fourth level she is killed by Kilo`s Brother meaning in the fifth level he is Playable as a Ghost.Her Token is found in Fourth Level and her ghost token is Purschble after playing as the ghost.

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