Lego Indiana Jones 8

Short Round, Willie and Indy in the Pankot Secrets level

Pankot Secrets is a level in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

The raft lands on the side of a mountain and slides down to a river which takes them to an Indian village, Punjabi. The village elder of Punjabi tells Indiana and the gang of the village's sacred Sankara Stones that have been lost. He also tells them that there are children missing from the village. Indiana and the gang agree to help them, and travel by elephants to Pankot Palace, the suspected home of the perpatrators, to find the stones and the children. Pankot's Maharajah and his assistant, Chattar Lal, assure Indiana that they are not the perpatrators of the accused actions. Later, though, Indiana and friends are attacked by various fiends, and decide to investigate. Indiana, Willie, and Short Round find a secret passage leading down below. They get past traps and find the Thuggee Temple of Kali, where a nefarious Mola Ram is performing a sacrificial ceremony. Indiana sees the stolen stones, and plans to retrieve them. dosent tell u where to go tho so good luck finding the other thing in the thing in the thing where ure on the elephants

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