|Weapon = Fists

|Ability = None


In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullEdit

The patient's appeared when Indy and Mutt went into the asylum, they were crazy by screaming and crying and stuff.

Lego Indiana Jones 2Edit

He appeared in the level Peru Cell Perusal as a patient who tried to make Indy and Mutt not go in Oxley's cell. They were also very tricky and stole the stuff Indy and Mutt needed to get in Oxley's cell. When they found the mystery the patients came after them, but the 2 heroes escaped. They can be bought after the level Peru Cell Perusal.


Use the patient and go to the beach. Swim out and you will swim farther than the other characters and if you go far enough you will find a bunch of things that were probably later not used.

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