Levels (Work in Progress)Edit

Start and you will be next to a bar. Enter it.

Level 1 Raven Rescue First, Major Toht will start zapping you with those lasers he has. So first, build the reflector dish while avoiding them, then push the reflector dish to the glowing circle. Then he will get zapped too. Now he will start shooting.

Level 2 Market MayhemEdit

Play as Indiana Jones (Desert), Marion (Cairo) and Sallah. First you need to destroy 5 Masked Bandits, then some Enemy Soldiers (Desert), then Enemy Soldiers with a green uniform that ride on camels and more Enemy Desert Soldiers, then 8 Masked Bandits and 2 Enemy Snipers and finally 5 Bandit Swordsmans.

Level 3 Sallah (Help)Edit

use indy to build and turn five leavers and sallah fez to use the staff of rato and you are on a intro clip.....

after the clip use Marion (Evening Dress) and climb up to the wall to complete this level.

Level 4 After the ArkEdit

Chase Dietrich in Motar cars then race toht in a race (Level 1). win it to get to 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 and Complete

this level.(But if you don`t beat toht you will be racing dietrich Again.

Level 5 Belloq BattleEdit

Defeat Enemy Boxer. After that defeat belloq he will have five lives punch him 4. push a leaver twice then he has two lives.

get marion to use the staff of rato on belloq and you are not finished yet!

Boss Fight Rene Emily Belloq

he will have one lives left but gray because he`s transformed into a Giant eletric skeleton cause the power of the staff &

ark have mixed so push a train, mend a cubbord to release two buttons to defeat belloq. Desc (Unlocked The Temple of Doom Hub World).

Indiana JonesEdit

Unlocked by Default.


Complete Green/Blue Speedboat Race to unlock this character


Unlocked by Default.

Marion RavenwoodEdit

Complete the first level and unlocked by default.

Indiana Jones (Desert)Edit

Complete the Second level and unlocked by default.

Marion (Cairo)Edit

Complete the secoend level and she is Purschable.


Purschable after completing the secoend level.

Indiana Jones (Desert Disguise)Edit

Purschable after completing the third level.

Sallah (Desert)Edit

Complete the third level and unlocked by default.

Marion (Evening Dress)Edit

Complete the third level and unlocked by default.

Marion (Night Gown)Edit

After completing the fifth level and unlocked by default.

Hovitos Tribesman

Complete Hovitos Temple Bonus Level to unlock this character

Enemy BoxerEdit

Complete the flying wing race to unlock enemy boxer.

Sherpa Brawler

Complete the first level to unlock this character

Bandit Swordsman

Complete Camel Race to unlock this character

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