Playable Characters: Indiana Jones, Mac, Janitor

  Enemies: Russian Guard, Bazooka Trooper (Crystal Skull)

  Boss: Dovencho


  Pick up a container and through at the fire this will course an Alien to fly in a flying saucer which will make irina death

  jump nar the eletric wire.

Boss Fight Dovencho Edit

He will have 11 lives. Pick up the lightsaver and jump,and acret at him he

now will Have 4 lives through several boxes at him to losse 2 lives of him then punch him then when defeated

punch irina and Run. To the Mannaquin`s Lair.

 Treasure: None

 Secret Character: None

 Previous Level:Temple of Grail

 Next Level: Mannaquin`s Lair

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