Russian (US Disguise)
Russian U.S. Disguise
Real Name Multiple fake U.S. names
Weapon(s) Pistol
Skill(s) Security Access

The Russian Soldier (US Disguise) are Russian Soldiers disguised as 1950's US Army personnel.

In Indiana JonesEdit

They currently appear in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. They appear in the first cutscene when they are in army vehicles, and in the Hangar level. They accompany Colonel Dovchenko and Irina Spalko in their mission to infiltrate Hangar 51. They are currently an unlockable character and they also appear in character creator. He costs 15,000 Studs. In the cutscenes and film they are armed with machine guns and rifles but in the game they are armed with pistols.

Level Appearances

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 THe Adventure Continuies

  • Hangar Havoc
  • Doomtown (Enemy)
  • Forklift Fun
  • Dummy Run

LEGO Indiana Jones 3 The Final Adventures

  • Hangar 51 (Enemy)
  • Hangar 51 Race (Enemy)
  • Doomtown (Enemy)

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