Shanghai Hoodlum 1
I`m 1st Hoodlum
Real Name N/A
Weapon(s) Machine Gun

Shanghai Hoodlum 1 is one of Lao Che's Goons and was appearing in Temple of Doom. His weapon is a standard Machine Gun.

In the gameEdit

Shanghai Hoodlum 1 is a character in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. He is the first Shanghai Hoodlum you throw the diamond to. He and Shanghai Hoodlum 2 are only available in the Shanghai Showdown level as secret characters. However, Shanghai Hoodlum 1 and Shanghai Hoodlum 2 are both available through character customization.

Shanghai Hoodlum 1 is same lego is the Lao Che and Wu Han, but drop his goatee and moustaches and but he wears sunglasses.

In the Second GameEdit

He isc a Playable Character on Free Play Labled Just Shangati Hoodlum and the 2 Isn`t Playable.

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