Star Wars is a film series created by George Lucas.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures includes some Star Wars characters.

The Lost Temple includes C-3PO. In the temple idol scene there is a metal gate. Blow it up using a Bazooka or bomb man. In there is a barrel brake bam C-3PO.

Into the Mountains includes Luke Skywalker. Go to the giant broken ravine and blow up the glass - good, you found Luke.

City of Danger includes Chewbacca. In the end part open the gate go use a book dude, open the door and you are in Mos Eisle. Use a small dude and go in the small passage brake brake Chewbacca should appear.

Free the Slaves includes Princess Leia. Go to the slave area and go to the low part and brake the metal use the solider passage - you found Leia.

Desert Ambush has R2-D2. Go to the first go to the top and whip the crane R2-D2 Whoop.

Now you can buy Han Solo in the library.

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