This is a fan made idea for a game

Cutscene= Indy is walking in the forest with Satipo, Barranca and 2 Jungle Guides. Apparently the one Jungle Guide gets stolen by a Hovito and another falls in a big hole. Then Barranca is scared away by a moving statue [Hovito in disguise] then you are left with Indy and Satipo.

First use Indy on a whip target and pieces of whip hang will come out. Build it and use Indy to get to the other side. Then step on a switch and let the arrow hit a box which will give away bridge pieces. Build it to let Satipo over on your side. Use Satipo to dig a object and use it to get to the other side. Avoid some traps that Hovitos have set and then dig up a lever piece. Attach it on the lever holder. Then go down the stairs and use Indy to whip a lever piece on a ledge. Bring it to the other lever holder. Then push them down at the same time [no multi player needed] then a giant wall will come out. Climb it and once you are on use Satipo to push it on the pushing track to get Indy to a platform. Let Indy pull a lever and a giant stone wall will open up. Build a boat and use Satipo to paddle it, then go to the dock and go in the temple. Once you are in you will see giant spikes moving up and down on platforms. Jump and go to the other one on the right time. Once you are on the other side you will see three switches. Dig up a skeleton and push it down on the switch. Then both of you step on the 2 switches. A ladder will come out, go up and cross the bridge. Then there will be a giant shooter room where you have to jump on specific platforms. Once you are done go in the Idol Room and find the lever in the chest full of garbage. Use the lever to connect the flying platforms so you can get the idol.

Cutscene= Indy looks at the idol and replaces it with a sand bag, then the temple starts to collapse. The flying platforms start to move and you have to get across to the dark entrance. Once you are out dodge all the traps. Then you and Satipo must go to the hanging vines, then a falling statue will go on and break the blocked entrance. Then you have to outrun the boulder and avoid all the traps along with it.

Cutscene= Indy and Satipo are running then the boulder runs over Satipo, Indy manages to escape. But he meets up with Belloq and some Hovitos. Belloq says to give the idol and his gun. Then Jock comes to help Indy, the Hovitos will start to run after you.

You will be near the big lake, so you need to climb a treehouse and you will find a box of materials needed to start Jocks plane.[Be warned Hovitos are chasing you]. Put it on the green pads next to the plane. Then swim out to a little island and you will get another box of materials. Build a boat from the pieces that are lying around. Then place it on the green pad of the boat. Destroy a skeleton on that island and grab its shovel. Start to paddle back to the plane. Put it on the green pad again. Then use Indy's whip to get another box. Put that on the green pad. Then use Jock to fix the plane.

Cutscene= Jock is flying the plane, Indy swings on a vine and lands in. The Hovitos shoot some spears but fail to kill them. They find a snake in the plane, they go back to Barnett College.


Indiana Jones= Story Mode Satipo= Story Mode Jock= Story Mode Belloq [Jungle]= Purchasable Barranca= Purchasable Jungle Guide= Purchasable

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