This from Lego Indy 3.

Cut Scene= Indy, Satipo, Barranca, 2 Jungle Guides are walking in a forest. 2 Jungle Guides get shot and Indy, Satipo and Barranca are remaining.

Play= Use Indy to swing across the pit pull the lever a bridge will rise. Use Barranca to shoot the Gun Target and a ladder will pop up, use Satipo to dig it out. Now Barranca becomes a Boss punch him 4 times he will get eaten by crocodiles. Use Satipo to get to the temple on the Boat.

Cut Scene= Indy and Satipo come up to the Temple and Indy grabs a sandbag.

Play use Satipo to make a Whip hang appear. Now use Indy to swing across and pull the lever a Spider will appear but Satipo will come. Now go to the

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