The Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors was a temple built by the Chachapoyans. Traps include: Rolling Boulder, Rolling Heads, a Collapasing Door, a gap, a set of white floor tiles which trigger poisoin darts, a gap, a crossbow that sends darts flying across the floor after a beam of sunlight is broken, and black floor tiles which allow you to safely avoid the poisoin darts. It also contains the Golden Idol which keeps the temple's self-destruct mechanism in place.

When Indiana Jones and Satipo swapped the Idol with a LEGO piece the traps set off, Satipo quickly crossed the gap with Indy's whip and when Indy got to the gap Indy said 'Throw me the Whip!' and Satipo said 'you throw me the Idol, I throw you the whip' Indy threw the idol but Satipo just dropped the whip and fleed with the idol but not before saying his last words: 'Adios,Senior'. Satipo fled to the room where Forrestal's remains were found and had the same fate whille Indy jumped over the pit and toke the idol out of Satipo's hand and said 'Adios, Satipo' after sliding below the Collapsing Door, suddenly when he got past the door he heard 'Rumble Rumble Rumble' and turned around saw a giant Rolling boulder started chasing him and sealed the temple shut forever after Indy escaped.

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