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Cutscene: Indiana Jones is in the Nevada desert and looks down at the town from a high canyon, Hangar Guard shakes Indy's arm and then points to a russian car coming close, Indy and the Hangar Guard run down the canyon to the town, then the camera shows later, Indy and the Hangar Guard are in the town, as the Russian car is getting closer, you see the guard climb over a fence, he falls on Indy on the other side, once they get up they see a mannequinn with a lawn mower, Indy moves his hand infront of the dummy's face up and down, it dosn't move, The Hangar Guard shrugs, then they hear an alarm, the camera faces at the lego nuclear bomb inside a tower, the timer on the bomb is ticking, on the 12 is a sign of a skull and behind the skull is a picture of an explosion, the time starts ticking, the Hangar Guard and Indy screams, the Mannequinns change there positions and scream, and the russians (who stepped outside the car) screams and one russian jumps his body into the other's arms.

  • Start off outside the house and in the backyard, destroy some of the pants hanging on the lines, in one of them is a key, enter the key into the key socket to open a gate, go through the gate and enter the private pool, in the pool is mannequinns swimming, there is a pull switch on the bottom of the deep end, find the box and take it to the green pad to build a diving board, jump onto the diving board and target your whip at the pull switch and the pool water will drian, the camera will turn to the pipes, the pipes will fill and the camera will travel across the pipes and into the house, the water will travel through the sink and a key will pop out of the sink and the house door will open. Exit the pool and enter the house

  • Grab the key from the sink and put it into the door, enter through into the living room, find boxes to build a lever, after building and pulling down the lever the door will open in the living room, go outside into the front yard, there is a paper boy(mannequinn) and a girl (mannequinn) with a wagon, the paper boy is on a bike, on the back of the bike is a pusher, push the bike into the red wagon, you'll have to destroy the mannequinn girl in the way first, after pushing the bike into the wagon, the wagon will tip and the ball inside of it will roll into the garage switch, the garage will open, inside it is a red car, jump into the red car and take it to the vehicle pad to open a gate, go through there is a house with an open door, there are several russians, kill them off or run them over, enter into the house

  • go pass the living room and into the kitchen, in the kitchen is a fridge, push a wooden board off the table and under the fridge, the fridge door will open, now you must destroy all the food inside and then enter in

Cutscene: Indy and Hangar Guard are in the fridge, Indy closes the door, but there is an orange in the way, he pushes it out of the way and closes the door, the russians get inside there car and start driving off, the Nuclear bomb's timer hits 12:00, you see outside, the mannequinns outside have screaming expressions and they start breaking apart along with the houses, the family watching TV explode along with the TV, and many houses, the whole town starts exploding, The russians inside the car are outrunning the shockwave and see mannequinns fly above them, they look above in awe as the fridge flies above them, then there car explodes by the shockwave, the fridge flies into the nevada desert next to a groundhog mound, Indy opens the fridge and he steps outside and looks ahead, the Hangar Guardsteps out to and grabs a popsicle from the fridge and the two look ahead at the nuclear explosion's mushroom cloud

Cutscene Part 2: Outside is hangar 52 and Sabre jets fly above, two cars park outside the building with the Interrigation room, the camera turns to the Interrigation room, Indy is sitting down while the Hangar Guard is being toxic-cleaned, Taylor and Paul are talking to Indy with a good cop/ bad cop routine, they point the lamp at his face in a dark room, Indy pushes it away, and Paul shows Indy a file folder with a picture of Mac half sticking out, Indy nods his head, and Paul pulls the picture out and on the Picture is Mac with Irina and Dovchenko, Indy then shakes his head in amazemnt, then General Ross walks in, Paul Smith shows Ross the picture, Ross shakes his head and smiles, as Ross and Indy leave together, Taylor points to his eyes and then at Indy

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