The Art Room is a place in the Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures video game where you can make two people look the way you want them to. Until you have unlocked and/or bought the "strangers" via the library you cannot actually use the characters you make(excludes ps2). There is a car or vehicle icon that is an option while creating your characters. If selected you can "test drive" the characters within the art room. In order to leave the room again though, the character you created must jump back onto the pedestal. You will then switch back to the original character you came into the room with and use that character to walk out of the room. You can never actually walk out of the art room with the character you create. To play with the character you've made (after unlocking the feature), you must select them at the beginning of play during free play. The default labels will be 'stranger 1' and 'stranger 2' unless you rename them as you are making them in the art room. There are codes that can be entered in the classroom that are available to unlock the strangers immediately for use in Free Play.

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