Welcome to the brand new fan-idea page for Lego Indiana Jones 3: The Final Adventures

Note: This is fan-made


Cutscene: Mutt and Indy are at the Graveyard and pass through the gate, Mutt combing his hair points to a sign that has a picture of a digger crossed out, then Indy throws Mutt a shovel

  • Start off in the Graveyard with shovels in your hand there are bats and crows flying above, find two boxes, one is a dig-up, place them against a green pad to build a bridge across a pit, there are Cementary Guards that will shoot you with blowdartss, take them down, cross the pit and walk down the stairs and there is a dig down a pit, jump down, if you wish to go back up build the ladder, go down more stairs, fight off the Cementary warriors, there are two platforms high up with a cevern on each there will be cementary warriors with blowdarts that will come out, you can't reach them, use Indy's whip to whip there blowdarts out of there hands, then use the blowdarts on them, they will be poisoned, then pick up a rock and throw it at them to kill them, it will open a secret passage way, enter through it

  • Now you are at the dead end of the tomb, there are many scorpions, pick up a lamp to move them out of the way, otherwise they will crawl all over you and kill you, the dead end block is covered in vines, there is a hole in the wall, destroy the web covering the hole, in the hole is a skull, destroy the skull, there are some small vines in it, use Mutt's knife to cut them, then a secret passage way will open, go through

  • walk down the ruined stairs and kill off the warriors, there is some webs in the way of the next area, take down the webs(try not getting tangled up), and go through the tunnel, there is the "flipping circle thing" go up it and it will tip, you need weight of both characters to tip it, enter through tunnel to next room, go down the stairs, scare off the scorpions with the lamp, there are some giant scorpions to, you'll have to kill them yourself, there are many coffins each one has a rope wrapped around it, use your knife to cut the rope, then punch the coffin to open it up, there will be scorpions that will come out, destroy them or use lamp, take down cementary warriors, find right coffin and then pick up the crystal skull inside Orlenna's coffin,

Cutscene: As they pick up the skull, the gold attracts to it, Indy smiles and as he runs away from the tomb Mutt follows and trips, he looks up and Irina Spalko, Mac, and russians are pointing guns at them. Mac takes the crystal skull and Irina and him start laughing

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