The Temple of Kali

Unbeknownst to Indiana, a Thuggee has spotted Willie, and promptly captures her for sacrifice. Indiana and Short Round plan to save Willie from the Thuggee bad guys and escape with the stones. They harrowously venture through the Temple of Kali's passages, fighting Thuggee, towards the sacrificial cage. Along the way, it is revealed that the evil high priest Mola Ram has been controlling the Maharaj with the blood of the Kali Ma. Mola Ram tries to force Indy to drink it. Indiana and Short Round eventually break free of their captors. Mola Ram and Maharajah flee, allowing Indiana and Short Round to save Willie from being sacrificed. Chattar Lal appears shortly with a handfull of Thuggees, and ambushes the trio. Indy steals the turban of a Thuggee Acolyte, and uses it to activate a Kali statue, causing lava to shoot from two vents. Lal accidentally steps on one, incerinating himself. Indy, Shorty, and Wille retrieve the Sankara Stones and escape.You can get more money by throwing a sword at one of the Shankara stones. Then the power of Kali will never win and you get more money

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