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Oliver Sanders
Thugge, flikohg ohi, Thugge
Weapon(s) Sword
Skill(s) Thuggee Access
Phobia(s) Lava Snake

The "Thuggee" are the members of the Thuggee cult, which was a cult in India. Its members worshipped the goddess Kali Ma. and killed up to 2 millon peolple. The Thuggee are the main villains in The Temple Of Doom.
MolaRam and guards
Mola Ram and Thuggee
Members of the Thuggee Cult include: Mola Ram, Thuggee, Thuggee Priest, Maharajah (Thuggee), and Chattar Lal.

In Lego® Indiana JonesEdit

In the Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures game, Thuggees are generic enemies encountered in several Temple of Doom levels. They are armed with swords which can be used for melee combat, or thrown at objects from a distance. They also have the Thuggee Access special ability, which lets them activate certain black statues found throughout the game. If a player kills a Thuggee, he will drop his turban allowing the player to wear it to gain the Thuggee Access ability.

He appears in a Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.
Oliver Sanders
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