Thuggee Acolyte
Avatar Thuggee Priest
Skill(s) Thuggee Access
Phobia(s) N/A

Thuggee Acolytes (also known as Thuggee Priests) are Mola Ram's assistants. Thuggee Acolytes are high-ranking members of the Thuggee cult.

In Lego Indiana JonesEdit

The Thuggee Acolyte appears as a playable character in the Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures video game. They appear in chapter 2: Temple of Doom. They serve as priests, and assist Mola Ram in his worshipness of the godess Kali. In combat, the acolytes serve as elite soldiers, and field commanders to the rest of the cultmembers. The Thuggee Acolytes first appear in the third level of Temple of Doom, The Temple of Kali. If the player defeats an acolyte, he will drop his turban, in a similar way to the Enemy Officer. If the player picks up the turban, he gains the the Thuggee Access ability. The acolytes are not armed with any weapon. Like all other Thuggee members, they have the Thuggee Accessability.

Sacerdote Thuggee