Trouble in the Sky


The Joneses escape on a blimp, but realize that Vogel is after them. They fight him and knock him off the blimp. The blimp starts to turn around and the two escape in a biplane, but are shot down by German pilots. They get a little far in a car, but it crashes into a crashed German plane`s rubble. They run to a beach, where they scare some seagulls. The seagulls fly into three German planes giving chase and they crash. Sallah appears out of nowhere in a blue bus and they drive away to rescue Brody, who is with the Germans, and to find the Temple Of The Grail before Donovan, Elsa, Vogel and the Germans do.


Quickly pull the lever and Colonel Vogel will jump up to the new balcony. Start tossing bottles at him and when he's completely out of health, you're in snow, complete everything you need to do here.

Note: Enemy Paratroopers drop in regularly. Deal with them.

After getting to the Beach, grab a shovel and here's what you need to do:

Sand Castle 1: Dig up a sand castle nearby.

Sand Castle 2: Dig up another sand castle nearby.

Sand Castle 3: Afer getting to the shipwrecked ship,dig up the sand castle.

Treasure 1: After digging up all three sand castles, this treasure appears!

Treasure 2: Push the cart until grain appears, then park on the left and pull the lever on the ledge above.

Treasure 3: Crawl through tiny door to collect. Small Acess Abillity required.

Treasure 4: In a glass case at the start. Scream Abillity required.

Seagull Flock 1: Simply go down the path to scare away.

Seagull Flock 2: Cross high ledge up to final ledge to scare away.

Seagull Flock 3: Jump across area with Shipwreck, on top of the cabin.

After scaring away all three flocks, all the planes will crash. Story Complete!

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